PIC:AKA And Friends Mourn Nellie Tembe In Prayer Tribute

AKA And Friends Mourn Nellie
L Tido Instagram

AKA And Friends Mourn Nellie Tembe In Prayer Tribute

Rapper L Tido has shared a photo of AKA, which is his first public sighting, since the death of his fiance, Nellie Tembe.

Nellie Tembe fell to her death from the 10th floor of Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town, in what is believed to be a suicide.

AKA has been absent from social media ever since the tragic incident.

Rapper L Tido shared a photo of people gathering to pray tribute to Nellie in prayer.

AKA And Friends Mourn Nellie
L Tido Instagram

The picture featured AKA and a group of friends holding hands in prayer.

It is reported that AKA and his family will return to Cape Town today (Tuesday) to prepare for the funeral arrangements.

AKA And Friends Mourn Nellie

On the day of the tragedy, the Forbes family and the Tembes, decided to put a united front and released a joint statement after the news of Nellie’s death broke out

AKA’s father Tony Forbes spoke on behalf of his son who is said to be torn up with grief

“We extend our family’s deepest sympathy. No words can take away the pain you feel. We feel the pain with you.”

He recalled meeting Nelli last year. She was a kind, respectful and confident young woman.

“I met her during the lockdown on the many calls my son had talking about music, it was easy talking to her,” he said.

No one knows what happened in Nellie Tembe’s final hours, which led her to take drastic steps, as she was spotted the previous day having fun and dancing with AKA.

It is believed that she suffered from depression and this wasn’t her first time displaying suicidal tendencies.

She reportedly tried to jump off the Hilton hotel in Durban last year in December, before an intervention was staged.


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