Security Guard Who Witnessed Nellie Tembe’s Death Reveals Shocking Details

Nellie Tembe's Death: Hotel Security Guard Reveals Shocking Details

Nellie Tembe’s Death: Hotel Security Guard Reveals Shocking Details

The tragic and senseless death of AKA’s fiancee Nellie Tembe, has left people wanting to know what exactly happened in her final minutes and it’s not good.

Nellie Tembe took her life, after she jumped from the tenth floor of Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town.

Nellie Tembe's Death: Hotel Security Guard Reveals Shocking Details

It is believed she had been suffering from depression.

A security guard, who was first to arrive at the scene after it happened described a harrowing tale.

He said he heard someone scream, followed by a loud thud around 7:30am.

“I thought it was a car crash and we went to look and at first we didn’t see anything, and then someone shouted that there was someone lying on the street,” he said

“We went closer and saw a naked young woman, she was still breathing at that time.”

Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst confirmed the incident and said the paramedics arrived in the scene shortly after 8 am.

He said she suffered critical injuries and they tried to resuscitate her, but her condition quickly deteriorated and she was pronounced dead on the scene.

“Medics assessed the patient who had sustained critical injuries and was treated on scene by an advanced life support paramedic. While stabilizing the patient her condition rapidly deteriorated and she was sadly declared deceased on the scene,” Herbst said.

Nellie Tembe's Death: Hotel Security Guard Reveals Shocking Details

There is also a video on social media which shows a team of paramedics trying to resuscitate a seemingly unconscious Nellie Tembe.

Both Nellie and AKA’s families released a joint statement expressing their shock and pain at her sudden death.

AKA, who hasn’t come on social media since the incident, is said to be beyond consolation with grief.

“We are still in shock and are dealing with our emotions, as she was an exceptional and gifted young woman, with so much life ahead of her. She had a sweet nature about her and was always nurturing to those around her. Her fiancé, Kiernan Forbes, is currently inconsolable and is surrounded by family and closest friends. At this hour of our grief, we humbly request that our families be given privacy and time to heal.“ they wrote

The Cape Town police said they are currently investigating the incident which has been ruled as a suicide by the mainstream media and close sources.


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