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Records and Reports Assistant

Posted in NGOs


Job Type

Full Time


South Africa

Description :

Primary Purpose

This position is primarily responsible for ensuring the integrity and accuracy of refugee case files in the File Library, including organization, receipt, filing and logging out case files from the File Library in accordance with RSC Africa and PRM standard operating procedures. This position is responsible for ensuring timely and accurate management of operational reports. This position is responsible for the oversight of RSC Africa and PRM Program Integrity Guidelines. This position works closely with the File Librarian, Program Integrity Specialist and Data Integrity Unit in Nairobi, Kenya.


This position reports directly to the Site Coordinator.

Essential Duties

  1. Arranging, labeling, storing, moving/transferring of case file records.

  2. Preparing and sending case files to USCIS/Refugee Coordinator’s offices in the U.S. consulate in Johannesburg in accordance with standard operating procedures.

  3. Receiving case files from USCIS/Refugee Coordinator’s Offices in the U.S. consulate Johannesburg and IOM, updating the records in the file library database and transferring the case files to Programs management for review, updates or dissemination to any other staff that the case file may be addressed to.

  4. Ensuring that Program Integrity Guidelines are adhered to.

  5. Assists the Site Coordinator in preparing reports and trainings on program integrity.

  6. Opening the file library and the file cabinets in the file library in the morning and closing in the evening after close of business.

  7. Checking in and out case files from the file library by entering the records in the file library database and/or in the manual record books.

  8. Checking and confirming case file statuses in the WRAPS database and updating new case file location in the file library database in accordance with standard operating procedures.

  9. Filing all case files in the file library cabinets according to their alphabetical order.

  10. Pulling, arranging and organizing closed cases in USCIS boxes ready for transferring to USCIS Johannesburg for onward transfer to National Record Centre according to the standard operating procedures.

  11. Preparing and organizing case files in the file library according to their statuses as per the requirements of other operations units.

  12. Assisting other operations staff in tracking down the location of case files in the File Library database and other manual records.

  13. Retrieving case files or departure records from the Scan Server and printing scanned documents upon request by Programs Management.

  14. Serving as the contact person for all inquiries directed to the file library.

  15. Participating and/or supervising regular file audits to maintain order.

  16. Ensuring timely preparation of statistical reports and other operational reports.

  17. Works closely with IT and Data Integrity in Nairobi to ensure that reports are updated and that staff have access to reports.

  18. Prepares quality control reports to ensure data accuracy and identify training needs.

  19. Carries out annual inter-departmental process reviews and recommends improvements in quality control.

  20. Other duties that may be assigned by the supervisor to enhance the efficiency of the file library operations.

Qualifications Education:

Bachelor’s Degree or four (4) years of paid work experience in lieu of a Bachelor’s degree is required.


Relevant work experience preferred.


· Demonstrated beginner level computer skills, especially Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access.

· Knowledge of US refugee resettlement and working experience with the WRAPS database preferred.


The Records and Reports Assistant must have the ability to:

· work independently and contribute to overall File Library process as per the standard operating procedures;

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