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Laboratory Scientist - Harare x 1 (Full time), Bambanani x 1 (Part Time)

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Description :

Laboratory Scientist - Harare x 1 (Full time), Bambanani x 1 (Part Time)

Who We Are?

With over 20 years of experience, PSI/Zimbabwe now registered as Population Solutions for Health is looking for candidates who hold the requisite qualifications and experience to apply for the exciting position of Laboratory Scientist – Harare x 1 (Full time), Bambanani x 1 (Part Time).

To carry out high quality routine and specialized laboratory testing services so as to produce accurate and reliable clinical results used in patient diagnosis, treatment, and management.

Your Contribution – Key Responsibilities.

  • Ensures that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for testing, collection and including quality controls are current and read by staff.
  • Conducts tests on QC samples according to SOP and record results.
  • Conducts tests on specimens according to SOPs, validates and interpret test results.
  • Records any failed test runs and takes corrective action.
  • Monitors the work of others by periodically observing them during testing and provide feedback.
  • Conducts tests EQA (e.g ZINQAP) samples as needed and document failures as well as Corrective Action reports as needed.
  • Monitors performance of new lots of reagents or equipment as needed and tracks discordant rates.
  • Records lab results in registers and worksheets manually and electronically.
  • Checks against test orders to ensure that all tests are completed.
  • Conducts daily data verification and triangulation between the registers and the electronic system (Novo and Epoc).
  • Writes reports and ensures that test results have been properly reported.
  • Interacts with clients regarding test results and findings in a professional manner and ensure each issue is resolved promptly and documented appropriately.
  • Facilitates specimen collection & processing, sorts all samples at the lab reception daily according to the pre-analytical guidelines to ensure that they are send to the correct departments and processed accordingly.
  • Consolidates and posts equipment service information (contact, service frequency & dates, etc.) at site.
  • Compiles and communicates equipment service schedules to management ahead of time.
  • Conducts routine maintenance, including inspection and function checks, according to written operational procedures.
  • Performs simple troubleshooting on malfunctioning equipment and creates logs to record all maintenance activities in the log.
  • Coordinates work schedules (Routine Tests)-HIV testing, Tb microscopy, FBC, CD4, Liver function tests, renal function tests, serology, urinalysis, phlebotomy.
  • Coordinates task assignments (Specialised tests)- HIV RNA/viral load, Tb PCR/Gene expert, ELISA according to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), to aid in both diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Conducts in house training and refresher courses to the nurses who provide HIV and pregnancy testing, DBS preparation, and POC CD4 testing.
  • Obtains SOPs from supervisor or create them if they are not available.
  • Develops and implement lab improvement plans based on best practices and feedback from staff, patients, customers, quality indicators, and external assessment.
  • Creates/reviews/forward reports on lab operations to upper management.
  • Inspects work area for any abnormalities (leakage, breakdown, spill, etc.)
  • Monitors work and storage area (temperature, power, ventilation) and record results.
  • Participates in lab safety training and ensures lab quality and safety audits.
  • Ensures disinfection, waste segregation and disposal is done according to set guidelines for the safe environment of clients and staff.
  • Ensures SOPs for work area monitoring are current and read by all staff.
  • Participates in pitching of tents and setting up of laboratory during outreach services.
  • Participates in site infection control committee
  • Counts and records all supplies and reagents weekly and maintains proper inventory records daily.
  • Determines the quantities and when to re-order quarterly and when need arises (consumption & quantification).
  • Forecasts needs for laboratory (equipment, supplies and reagent) based on testing demand.
  • Places orders or submits list of needs to management and conducts follow ups
  • Designates a clean and easily accessible area to display policies, guidelines, and procedures documents.
  • Secures client records in locked cabinets or drawers to ensure confidentiality.
  • Establishes an index system and space to archive all records to allow easy retrieval and to minimize deterioration.
  • Dispose of client records in a confidential manner.
  • Generation of Site Reports and Active Participation in External Assessments.
  • Compiles weekly, monthly and quarterly laboratory reports i.e CD4, TB and HIV testing reports.
  • Participates actively in quarterly Data Quality Audits (DQA).
  • Participates actively in Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS).
  • Participates actively in the National TB Control Program Laboratory Quality Assessments.
  • Attends to non-conformities raised during assessments and writing corrective action report

What Are We Looking For?

  • Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Minimum three years as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in a hospital or research environment.
  • Ability to run automated and manual laboratory equipment.
  • Registered with Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe.

To apply

How to apply?

In return, PSH offers competitive remuneration, commensurate with qualifications and experience. PSH is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals regardless of gender identity or expression, race, religion, national origin or disability.

All interested candidates are encouraged to follow the following steps when applying:

All Applications should be shared not later than January 20, 2022.

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