Work from Home: Jobs for those with Internet Access

Remote work is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be done in a specific place to be executed successfully.

Think of it this way: instead of commuting to an office each day to work from a designated desk, remote employees can execute their projects and surpass their goals wherever they please. People have the flexibility to design their days so that their professional and personal lives can be experienced to their fullest potential and coexist peacefully.

Here are some fully remote jobs you can find on HERE that allow digital nomads to fully live and work on the go.

Data Analyst

This role retrieves and gathers data to organize it and draw conclusions. Data analysts can be needed in a variety of industries, such as sales, marketing, healthcare, and tech. Having strong math and statistical skills is usually needed.


Editors work to improve writing by fixing grammar errors, ensuring clarity and consistency, and rewriting when needed. Many editorial roles can be completed on any schedule, making them ideal digital nomad jobs.

Online English Tutor

Online tutors provide academic support for students learning English. The ideal candidate has strong listening skills and knowledge of English language grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Some roles may require specific hours, while others may allow you to work when best fits your schedule.

Product Designer

A remote product designer will work on the process of creating products and experiences. They may study user behavior, define difference scenarios, analyze A/B tests, and create wireframes. Most jobs require previous experience.

QA Tester

Quality assurance testers often test new software application features, build scenarios for automated testing, and perform functionality and usability testing. Strong analytical skills are usually needed.


Recruiters seek out potential candidates, schedule and give interviews, write job descriptions, and onboard new staff. As a digital nomad, you may have access to talent pools in different countries or time zones, which could be an asset to a hiring company.

SEO Strategist

SEO strategists will typically conduct website analysis, implement and test search engine marketing techniques, optimize websites, and recommend solutions. Experience with Google Analytics is usually required.

Software Developer

Software and tech companies were some of the first to adopt remote working, meaning there’s a plethora of fully remote developer jobs for digital nomads. This type of role develops software programs and apps.

Video Editor

Video editors can work remotely to create videos by customizing graphics, choosing music, recording or selecting audio bytes, and more. Experience with Premiere Pro, After Effects, or other common video editing programs is needed.

WordPress Developer

This job involves working with the coding and infrastructure of WordPress to create websites, plugins, and themes. Professional experience with PHP, MySQL, HTML, and WordPress is typically required.


Why Some Remote Jobs Have Location Requirements

As mentioned before, not all remote jobs are suited for the digital nomad life. Only about 5% of remote jobs can be done from anywhere around the world. Others have some sort of location requirement, including living in a certain city, state, region of the country, time zone, or country.

Here are the main reasons a remote job may have a location requirement.


Companies can be legally bound to where they are allowed to conduct business due to licensing requirements or state and/or federal regulations, which in turn will determine the required locations for their employees.


Some companies only perform business in specific locations due to the taxes paid or collected on goods and services. Companies may also only be set up to process employment taxes in some states, but not others.

Professional Licensing

Certain jobs require certifications or licenses, such as teaching or nursing, which require a licensed professional within a certain area.


Remote jobs that require travel may need to be based near a certain airport, or close to a company’s office to make travel easier for the worker and the company.


Remote workers may need to be close to clients for in-person meetings, sales pitches, or troubleshooting.

Training or Meetings

Ongoing, on-site training or meetings that need to be done in person may lead companies to find candidates who live within a commutable distance.

Area Code

Some jobs, like customer service or other phone-intensive positions, require employees to have a wired phone line with a certain area code.

Office Equipment

Some companies give remote workers equipment like laptops and phones. To service the equipment, the company may want a remote worker to be based in a certain location.

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