What You Need To Know About Cabin Life

When you join the cabin crew, your life is changed for good. It’s challenging to have a normal life on the ground, and the longer you serve as crew, the more removed you are from daily life. Here, we examine the distinctions between crew life and typical on-ground employment.

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Variable salary

The cabin crew’s pay varies every month. It consists of a base wage, flying pay, benefits, and occasionally commission. Due to the numerous factors, a fixed wage is never realistically expected. Layover allowances typically vary depending on the local cost of living, thus a layover in Germany would only be worth around half of what a layover in Japan would.

Crew family

If we have families, we spend a lot of time away from them and frequently miss important events like Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and funerals. Friends and relatives don’t always comprehend our schedules or the fact that we can’t just ask for time off like we would at a regular job. Our fellow crew members do, however, comprehend. Since you become a member of the crew family when you work with the same crew, those ties and friendships frequently endure the years.

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Cabin staff must never be late, else they risk losing their jobs. The plane can’t wait for you to board. As a result, whether they are meeting their crew for dinner after a flight or going to a dental appointment, the crew is always on time.


Our roster determines how we live. Cabin crew enjoy certain travels more than others, but that is how it is. A month’s worth of travel could include stops in Capetown, Lagos, Singapore, New York, and Lagos. Since it’s frequently more affordable and diverse to shop then route, cabin crew members may schedule where to go shopping around their roster. Days off are for resting and recuperating.

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