Ways To Write A Heart-Winning Scholarship Curriculum Vitae

Ways To Write A Heart-Winning Scholarship Curriculum Vitae:

If there is one thing that is well scrutinised when applying for a scholarship it is the Curriculum Vitae or Resume. When applying for a scholarship, your CV often works as the first evaluation filter in which you seeks to comply with the basic requirements.

An ill-planned academic CV may lead to scholarship denial. Here are some ways of making your academic CV (resume) sound very effective and powerful.

  1. Short and specific: Depending on the number of applications, the reader of your CV can spend only 30 seconds to read it. Hence you should try to place all the content in a maximum of 2 pages.
  2. Simple format. Don’t make your CV too colourful, make use of bullets, bold and capital letters to show relevant information to the reader. Try by all means to avoid unconventional designs and the mix of colours, unless you are applying to an arts program.
  3. Be specific and on point. Indicates institutions, titles and dates. The information must be in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest.
  4. Use the correct time. The activities that you are not already doing must be in the past and those that you are still doing in the present. It seems silly but it happens.
  5. Check the spelling. Whether you write in English, your spelling says a lot about how you communicate and the level of language proficiency. Since self-correcting is not always successful, ask your friends and professors to review each word and phrase.
  6. Do not display fancy emails on your Resume: Many of us these days have an email id by the time we were at the age of 12-13. Those days of life were really funny we tried emails with such peppy, funky ids. Many of us retain those funny-sounding emails.
  7. Let your resume look consistent: Use a common font for all the points mentioned in your resume.

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