Uzalo Thulane Actor Joins Durban Gen As A Hot Doctor

Uzalo Thulane Actor

Uzalo Thulane Actor Joins Durban Gen As A Hot Doctor

From playing a thug who doesn’t hesitate to take lives, to a benevolent doctor who is hell-bent on saving them,actor Thulani Shange has just about done it all..

Thulani Shange, who is well known for his role on Uzalo as Thulane, has a new role on Durban Gen.

Uzalo Thulane Actor

The Uzalo actor is hardly recognizable in his new role as Dr Mandla Ngcobo,in fact he has transformed from Uzalo’s Thulane who rocked street fashion, had stitches on his face and looked like the kind of guy you don’t want to meet in a dark alley.

Durban Gen introduced his character on  their social media, with the caption

“Let’s shake things up a bit,”

Uzalo Thulane Actor

The comments section immediately went crazy with some calling him the official ‘Dr Bae” and some saying they were going to start watching the show.

We have no doubt Thulani Shange will pull of this role as he managed to convince us he was a real life thug, on Uzalo.

Together with fellow actor Sizwe Khumbuza, they played the role of the notorious Khanyile Brothers aka Thulane and Godfather. The Khanyile brothers were the late Khathaza’s sons who had come to avenge their father’s death.

Uzalo Thulane Actor
Uzalo Thulane and Godfather

After running battles with resident baddie Nkunzi, the Khanyile brothers lost and Nkunzi gunned them down and buried them alive.

Uzalo showrunners cited that the two actors’ storylines had concluded, thus they were exiting the show.

Surprisingly, a few months later, Thulani Shange came back to reprise the role of Thulane in a resurrection storyline.

We bet the fans will definitely form an attachment to Dr Mandla Ngcobo.


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