The USAP Community School Assistant Program For Financially Challenged High School Students


USAP Community School Assistant Program For Financially Challenged High School Students
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The USAP Community School is accepting applications from qualified L6 and F4 students to begin A Level in January 2021. The two-year A-Level only boarding school opened with its first class of 45 L6 students in January 2020 and is run by the non-profit organization Education Matters on the belief that there are many determined and talented, economically-disadvantaged students in Zimbabwe who only lack financial resources and information to access educational futures.

The USAP program, which we have transitioned into an A-Level school, started in 1999 and has successfully assisted over 450 students in the last 20 years to negotiate and finance the college admissions process. Alumni of the USAP program have studied at some of the world’s topmost universities and many have continued to postgraduate degrees and prestigious fellowships, while others have pursued professions of every description across the world, including many leading impactful initiatives in Zimbabwe and across the continent.

The USAP Community School will be a transformative/unique educational experience merging a rigorous Cambridge A-Level science curriculum, an intensive English reading and writing class, classes in critical reasoning and research methodologies, computer literacy, college preparation and the mentorship of our growing and active alumni network. Throughout their two years of A-Level education, students receive timely and individualized university advising complemented with contact with alumni at different levels of university or professional careers. Applicants should note that while many alumni of the USAP program have received funded university opportunities, acceptance into the USAP Community School does NOT guarantee future university scholarships.

Eligibility Requirements and How to Apply

Eligibility Requirements:

Given the COVID19 pandemic which closed schools for much of this year in Zimbabwe, we are accepting applications from students who began L6 sciences in 2020 and are willing to start their L6 year again in 2021. We will also accept applications from students currently in Form 4 if they have consistently continued with remote learning or self-study during 2020 and will be writing a full set of O level exams in November including separated sciences (biology, chemistry, physics).

Acceptance to USAP is very competitive; we encourage applicants to consider applying if they have received or are projected to earn, mostly As and possibly some Bs in their O level exams. We are looking for students who match all of our four USAP criteria to join the school: academic excellence, demonstrated leadership potential, an ethos of giving and economic disadvantage.

You must be able to demonstrate financial disadvantage; that your family would not be capable of financing high quality A level education or university application processes on your own. Financial aid is available and no qualified student will be turned away for financial reasons.

How to Apply:

Please complete the application on this form and press submit. Alternatively return a paper form together with the required documents listed by SWIFT/FedEx/DHL or in person, to reach our offices any Monday, Wednesday or Friday at one of the following locations:

23 Connaught Road in Avondale in Harare
Gweru Memorial Library
Turner Memorial Library in Mutare
NUST Building/American Space at 55 Jason Moyo in Bulawayo

Please return the applications no later than Monday, October 26, 2020. Alternatively, you can print, complete and scan your application by email to

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