Fully Funded Scholarships For Online Technology Degrees For International Students 2021


Prepare for a future as a technology professional.


Whether you’ve got the passion to become an innovator or you’re just ready to take your skillset as a developer or designer to the next creative level, Full Sail University’s web and technology degree programs can teach you the tools. You’ll learn a variety of fundamentals and work on real-world projects to build the skills to start a future in the digital world.

These US-based degree programs are offered completely online, so you can learn from anywhere while still making connections with your instructors and classmates.

And International students can take advantage of a special scholarship program awarding eligible online candidates up to $20,000 for a bachelor’s degree program or up to $10,000 for an associate’s or master’s degree program.

Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree – Online

This program introduces students to the design, development, and implementation of software-based solutions and products for business, entertainment, and consumer markets.

Courses Include:

  • Software Engineering ‐ Students will be working inside a prebuilt software solution wherein they will find and fix various kinds of software bugs, add new features to the software, and track the changes made by using version-control tools.
  • Computer Organization and Architecture ‐ Students will learn how to utilize hardware and software tools for digital system analysis and synthesis.
  • Software Integration ‐ Students will utilize various tools and methodologies to test their software applications, including static and dynamic analysis.

Cybersecurity Bachelor Completion Degree – Online

The Cybersecurity program prepares information security professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to protect systems and information against an evolving landscape of potential hazards. The first half of the Cybersecurity bachelor’s degree program consists of an associate degree in Information Technology. The IT foundation of the program complements the second half, a completion program of in-depth cybersecurity courses.

Courses Include:

  • Cyber Crime and Incident Response ‐ This course reveals the inner workings and strategy behind hazards such as computer and network intrusion, ransomware, industrial espionage, cyber terrorism, social engineering, fraud, and emerging threats.
  • Security Compliance and Privacy ‐ This course explores the laws and compliance parameters that apply to various worldwide governing jurisdictions and independent industry bodies.
  • Threat Protection and Testing ‐ Using automated real-time threat intelligence, students will learn to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and data.

Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree – Online

This program is designed to prepare students for the information technology field with the expertise to define and develop the virtualization and interconnection of data and media.

Courses Include:

  • Data Storage Systems ‐ Students will learn the workflow and strategies used by the industry to distribute data across a network.
  • Computer Operating Systems ‐ This course explores the concepts of operating systems and how they interface with hardware and application software.
  • Database Systems ‐ This course explores topics such as replication and data distribution, security practices, performance, capacity management, essential backup, and recovery skills.

Mobile Development Bachelor’s Degree – Online

This program teaches students the skills to pursue a future in the growing market of mobile development by teaching them how to concept, code, deploy, and market mobile applications for companies and various organizations.

Courses Include:

  • Android Development I ‐ This course builds upon the fundamentals covered in Google Programming Language to enable students to construct applications that utilize the Android software-development kit (SDK) to create feature-rich mobile experiences.
  • Apple Programming Language ‐ In this course, students will investigate core object-oriented programming concepts such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
  • Emerging Interface Design ‐ Students in this course will identify common design elements and the techniques used to create these elements.

Web Design & Development Bachelor’s Degree – Online

This program equips students with the essential software, programming, and design knowledge needed to create dynamic websites to meet client needs.

Courses Include:

  • Programming for Web Applications ‐ Students in this course will expand upon their knowledge by learning more advanced concepts of scripting languages such as JavaScript.
  • Server-Side Languages ‐ In this course, students will learn how to take their existing knowledge of static-based web content and implement a server-side scripting language to develop a more robust web application.
  • Advanced Database Structures ‐ Students will examine advanced database design in order to gain a full understanding of its nature and scope.


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