Real Life lessons learnt from the Covid 19 Global Pandemic Era

Real Life lessons learnt from the Covid 19 Global Pandemic

Covid-19 has been declared the global pandemic and the whole World is now fighting for one common goal and that is to eradicate the virus at all cost without it claiming more lives.  With the acknowledgement of Gloria Ndoro, iHarare has noted that there are real life lessons we have learnt that are placing the real order in shape according to real life situation during this period


During these few months, weeks, days of World Lock down period there are real life important lessons learnt:

  • United States is no longer the world’s leading country because it has much affected population
  • China won the 3rd World War without firing a missile and no one could handle it.
  • Europeans are not as educated as they appear.
  • No modern technology or human mind is bigger than the Virus except God himself
  • We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and USA and spending time indoors with our families.
  • Rich people are in fact less immune to diseases than the poor, most rich people are dying than poor people.
  • When prices are rising and there is fear in the air, human beings are opportunistic and despicable no matter their socioeconomic position.
  • No Man of God, Reverend, Pastor, Rabbi, Mullah, Alfa ,  Pundit, Doctors, Healthcare workers saved patients.
  • We sure can spend Billions of Dollars on the poor without red- tap ism.
  • Health professionals are worth more than sports’ persons and entertainers because at the moment they are the only ones active and trying to save lives.
  • Oil is worthless in a society without consumption (People are indoors no industry is open to use oil).
  • Humans now know how animals feel in the zoo because they are also indoors.
  • The planet regenerates quickly without humans at play.
  • Majority of people can work from home. No need for commuting and building high rise office buildings.
  • All our families can survive without junk food.
  • Prisoners in jail for petty crimes can be released.
  • Living a hygienic life is not difficult, everyone is using sanitize-rs, hand wash, masks etc to avoid the spreading of corona virus .
  • Not all that glitters is gold.
  • There is a lot of good unknown people in the World especially those who come out to donate in time of corona virus.
  • If you build more schools and make them free, you will have to construct less hospitals and probably prisons.
  • Like politicians, the media is equally manipulative and opportunistic.
  • Fame, wealth and position are vanity.
  • Health is indeed wealth.
  • Labels of “developed world”, “developing world”, “underdeveloped world”, are so old school and unnecessary. They do nothing but to entrench exclusion and inequality.
  • The first vaccine for Covid-19 must be tested in Covid-19 ravaged countries.
  • Dangling money to selfish and heartless African politicians, to allow trial runs to be done in their countries is evil and merely a trick to unleash a weapon of mass destruction on the continent.
  • Only God can save us from this Global Pandemic
  • Many medical expects are turning to Jesus as they saw that without Him you can not save anyone

After the Lock down

  • There will be no food in the shops due to panic buying and now there is no food production
  • People will be very broke
  • Companies will go broke due to bankruptcy and some will be shut and massive retrenchment or salaries cut
  • Barber shops will make a lot of money
  • Crime rate increases
  • Prostitution will increase since thigh vendors will be in money hunt


*NB* Money can not buy life only God gives life