NGO Interview Questions Guide And Possible Answers

This guide seeks to cover the most often asked topics at NGO job interviews and assist applicants in developing effective responses. There are several questions that are almost certainly to be asked, even if every interview is different and NGOs will ask a variety of topics, particularly in relation to their area of programming. The important NGO interview questions and the required responses are listed in this handbook.

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How Do You Align With The NGO Value?

NGO’s have core values that drive their work. Often rooted in their founding and history, an NGO’s values shape their programming and underpin all aspects of the NGO as an organization. NGO’s want staff that align with their core values. It is important for NGO’s that all staff understand the NGO’s values and are able to work towards them.

How To Answer

Definitely research an NGO’s core values and principles before the interview. Link some of your answers to these even if the interviewer doesn’t specifically ask a question about the NGO’s values. Ideally describe a time you worked to achieve the values of the NGO.

Try to give practical answers from previous work experience that relates directly to some of the core principles of the NGO.

It can also be good to describe why you think these values are important to the NGO and how you will work in the job you’re interviewing for to achieve them. An NGO’s values can usually be found on their website.  

How Does Your Professional Experience Link To This Role?

In an interview for a position with an NGO, this question may be asked in a variety of ways. It could also be broken up into a number of distinct questions that ask you to relate particular facets of the position you’re interviewing for to your prior professional experiences.

NGO’s use this inquiry to determine whether an applicant have the necessary training and expertise for the position.

NGO’s generally look for staff who are highly qualified in the areas they need. NGOs require a range of skills and look for a combination of relevant academic qualifications and previous work experience. 

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How To Answer:

To answer this question well at an NGO job interview you need to directly link your previous work experiences to the job description of the role you are interviewing for. Be sure to research the job and look over the job description extensively before the interview, and then think of good examples from your previous professional experiences that link to each of the major parts of the job.

It’s important when answering questions about how your previous work experience relates to the job you are interviewing for that you’re able to show positive outcomes. Focus your answer on the things you achieved and successes that were had and say how the experience these gave you will help you succeed in the job you are interviewing for.

How Well Can You Work With A Multi- Cultural Team?

NGO’s work across multiple countries and recruit people from all over the world. This means NGO teams can be highly diverse and made of people from many different cultures. This can be a huge benefit as diversity can mean a wide range of experiences and viewpoints. However, NGO’s need to know their staff can work well in a team made up of people with very different backgrounds.

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How To Answer:

The best way to answer this question in an NGO job interview is to describe previous professional experiences you have had working in multi-cultural teams. Focus on how you worked well together to achieve a positive outcome. Link your example as closely as you can to the job you are interviewing for.

If you don’t have previous professional experience working in diverse teams, focus on times you have been with people from other backgrounds in your personal life, perhaps from travel you have done. Think about areas of common ground between cultures and how these can be used to make teams work towards objectives together. The job will give a good impression to the NGO staff interviewing you.

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