The Reason Why Nellie Tembe Never Spoke To The Press Revealed

Anele’s Father Denies Suicide

Nellie Tembe’s Privacy, Why She Never Spoke To The Press

In the wake of the tragedy, which befell AKA’s fiancee Nellie Tembe, many have been trying to piece together any clues, which may shine a light on her troubles.

Nellie Tembe died after she reportedly committed suicide, by jumping off the 10th floor of Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town.

Nellie Tembe's Privacy

It is believed that she was suffering from depression, although most of her pictures showed her as a free spirited, happy person.

Ever since her relationship with AKA went public, many tried to get to know more about her, as she was not in the showbizz.

She remained fiercely private and her social media accounts were even privatized from the public.

Nellie Tembe was also well known for not giving out interviews or speaking to the press about her personal life and her relationship with AKA.

AKA was usually the one who served as the mouthpiece for the couple and gave a glimpse into their relationship.

A chat between ZAlebs and Nellie Tembe has emerged, which shows the media house trying to get to know her better but she didn’t budge.

Nellie Tembe's Privacy

The only thing she said, was that they should at least use nice pictures of her

You guys use the worst photos of me – like whyyy,” she wrote .

Nellie also revealed that she really doesn’t care about what the papers write about her, she knew what she signed up for when she started dating AKA.

Then she revealed the reason why she was so private, saying

Yeah well, I don’t care about people knowing the real me. My family and I are very private people.”

It’s safe to say that even in death, Nellie Tembe remains an enigma.


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