Muvhango Agnes Mukwevho Actress

Muvhango Agnes Mukwevho Actress Dumps Abusive Husband

Former Muvhango actress, Millicent Makhado recently opened up about being in an abusive relationship, on her YouTube channel.

Millicent Makhado who was known for her role as Agnes Mukwevho on Muvhango, revealed that she found the strength to leave her abusive marriage.

Muvhango Agnes Mukwevho Actress

In the past the actress has highlighted that she was in an abusive relationship, although she never named the abuser, she left her marriage back in 2012.

This is a very difficult topic as a young woman who was in an abusive relationship. I realised that it is not easy to leave an abusive relationship. As much as I was told how stupid I was, that I was a fool and that I was useless, I still didn’t leave the relationship”Millicent Makhado said.

Muvhango Agnes Mukwevho Actress

The former Muvhango actress revealed that talking about it was her way of teaching something and other women who find themselves in the same shoes.

“I know this is a sensitive issue. It’s something that I didn’t want to talk about, but I know it will teach someone something. I know that it is hard being a woman in South Africa. We don’t know what to do. “Men, please forgive us. I don’t know why we deserve to be abused. I don’t know why you don’t just love us”

Muvhango Agnes Mukwevho Actress

She however sowed seeds of hope when she revealed that it is possible to find new love after being in a toxic and abusive relationship.

Millicent is currently married to her second husband Jabulani Chauke and the couple have one child, plus two others from her previous marriage.


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