Man Dies During Covid-19 Test

Man Dies During Covid-19 Test

Man Dies During Covid-19 Test

A 47-year-old Rusape man died last week after a swab inserted in his nostrils as part of a Covid-19 test got stuck inside and was rushed to theatre for an operation which saw him fail to regain consciousness.

The deceased, Anorld Mapiye who was also known as DJ Bhinya-Bhinya had gone to Rusape General Hospital for a Covid-19 test after complaining of fatigue and chills in his legs and hands.

The Manica Post reports that the DJ’s family has accused the doctor who attended to him of negligence.

Mapiye’s family learned of the death of their relative, through social media platforms.

It was reported that during the test, something went wrong and a swab remained lodged in Mapiye’s nose.
Mapiye was rushed to the operating room for the swab to be removed. Unfortunately, he is reported to have died during the process.


Mapiye’s brother, Bezel Rusere said:

“He was a victim of negligence. There is nothing more painful than losing someone young and dear to the heart in this manner. The family is drowned in a torrent of agonising pain,”


He said when his brother came to the hospital his condition was not serious.

“When they performed a Covid-19 test on him, a swab remained in his nose and a decision was made to perform an operation to remove it with the consent of his wife. An anaesthetic injection was administered on him as part of the procedure, and we suspect he passed on during the process.”

It is also alleged that the doctor who was attending to the DJ left the patient in the theatre and went out to attend to other errands only to returned after some nurses had raised an alarm.



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