Langa Gomora Actor Makes Waves With New Afro Hairstyle

Langa Gomora Actor Makes Waves With New Afro Hairstyle

Gomora actor, Siya Xaba recently surprised his fans when he shared a picture rocking the fro.

Siya Xaba, who is known for his role as high-schooler Langa on the hit series Gomora, quickly became Siya with the long hair.

Langa Gomora Actor
Siya Xaba as Langa On Gomora

On Gomora, Langa is Thathi’s first born son and Sonto’s grandson, who led a privileged life in Sandton, until they’re forced to move back to the township and he finds the transition difficult.

As school kid Langa, we usually see him with short and tapered hairstyles or edgy mohawks.

Siya Xaba with the big hair looks quite different from Langa, however fans seemed okay with the change.

Langa Gomora Actor Siya Xaba
Siya Xaba With the big hair

Kgante, how does Siya Xaba mantain that hairline, that is the question on everybody’s lips.

Siya Xaba is not exactly a freshman to the acting scene, meaning he can totally alter his looks within the blink of an eye.

His breakout role was in SABC1’s End Game where he played the role of Zweli Hlatshwayo. He starred as Xolani in Se.x Tips 4 Girl, as Chekura in The Book of – Season 1, Najim in Strike Back and Forget in Soul Buddyz.

Siya Xaba was also in Queen of Katwe with famous actress Lupita Nyong’o.

The Gomora actor stated that he’s really nothing like his character Langa and doesn’t think money is the answer to every problem.

He admitted that Gomora fans always see him as the same person with Langa though and probably expect him to act like Langa in real life.

Siya Xaba’s star seems to be rising as the actor recalled a particular time when people queued up to get his autograph

“The whole store stopped and everyone who worked there rushed to get my autograph. It was crazy, but I don’t mind it. I appreciate the love and support.

He did admit though that he can be nerdy like Langa sometimes.


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