Key Reasons To Consider Studying Monitoring And Evaluation.

Key Reasons To Consider Studying Monitoring And Evaluation.

In today’s world, there are many study programmes that one can embark on, but the question now lies on the job market and obviously money. Most students a caught up in a dilemma of choosing the right career path, however, with Monitoring and evaluations, one is guaranteed to never go wrong.

Differences Between Monitoring and Evaluation - Analytics in Action
Monitoring And Evaluation.

Monitoring and evaluation is a skill that is essential to a majority of organizations and all projects. This is why an M& E certification is something worth pursuing.

1. Better Job Opportunities.

Having a certification in M&E will guarantee you a chance to get a good job opportunity.  M&E is an essential skill needed by many organizations, especially NGOs.

NGOs are among the top employers with a promise of a fulfilling career as well as a good salary.

2. Global Recognition of Your Skills

If you pursue an M&E course in any country, your skills will be recognized globally. You can be hired anywhere around the world. Many NGOs around the globe when listing down the eligibility criteria for M&E vacancies don’t mention location hence anyone from anywhere can apply for the job.

Also if  you have a business or a project you are in charge of, a monitoring and evaluation short course will go a long way in ensuring its efficiency and productivity.

Why develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan? - Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning

3. More successful and better-delivered projects for your business

Monitoring and evaluation skills ensure that the projects you deliver are well done and up to the expectations or even exceedingly.

This is because M&E uses a systematic approach that helps you ensure that all stages of your plan are well done. Evaluation will help you correct each mistake as they come to making the end of it successful.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Definition, Process, Objectives, Differences

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