Kelly Khumalo Speaks On Black Twitter Says It’s A Community Of Bullies

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Kelly Khumalo Speaks On Black Twitter: It’s A Community Of Bullies

While social media has made networking far more easier for everyone, it also came with some negative attributes to it, chief among them social media bullying.

Emphasising how severe bullying effects can be, a few weeks ago, Mzansi was engulfed with grief after a Venda pupil at Mbilwi Secondary School in Vhembe under Limpopo province, Lufuno, committed suicide from the bullying she experienced over her dark skin tone.

In videos that surfaced on social media, Lufuno was captured taking a serious beating from one, Darlene Candy after the former had tried resisting being bullied over her skin tone by a group of girls, including Candy.

Candy is then seen beating up the seemingly calm and defenceless Lufuno who doesn’t fight back up until the fight is separated.

Speaking on the topic that has fast become a hot one, popular musician, Kelly Khumalo laid blame on Twitter community saying they are the ones carving the path of impoliteness, unkindness and ruthlessness for the young ones to follow.

She added that all this is being done under endearing name ‘Black Twitter’ as if it’s something to cherish.

Said Khumalo;

“I have seen how the majority of this country endorses bullying, even giving it a name: ‘Black Twitter’. And you are surprised when your children follow in your footsteps. You are teaching them. If you want them to be kind humans, you start with being kind, even on the internet.

“Ask yourself if you are a good parent, if you are raising a bully or a kind child. You are the reason it continues. You are endorsing bullying. You are endorsing bulls**t.”

Kelly Khumalo Speaks On Black Twitter: It’s A Community Of Bullies


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