How Do You Know That The Job Is Suitable For You

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Is this job suitable for me?
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Not surprisingly, very few people have asked themselves this kind of question before taking a job offer or applying for a job. Some people think that when they hold the right qualifications for a job it becomes automatically suitable for them. Well, there is more to consider when assessing the suitability of a job. Below are some of the points to consider.

Consider your Education

Before taking up a job or even applying for an advertised job you should consider your educational qualifications. Usually, job advertisements state the required qualifications for one to fill a post. If you have the required qualification then definitely you are suitable for the job.

Consider your experience

Some say it’s not your educational qualifications that give you a job but it is your experience in that particular job or area that gives you a job. As a result of this before taking up a job, one should assess his/her job experience if you are experienced enough then the job is suitable for you.

Consider your personality

Evaluate your willingness to work overtime at the expense of your family or loved ones. You should also consider how much control you would want over making decisions. Some people are affluent by personality while others are like following routines. Consider this, if you like basic or not this will help you determine whether the job on offer is suitable for you.

Consider your passion

What is your passion? The things you are passionate about are the things that will make you enjoy a job. It’s not about jus working its bout enjoying the work. Doing something you are passionate about will make you enjoy your work. Thus before accepting a job check if the passion on offer exposes you to the things you are passionate for.

Discover your motivation

We are not straitjackets thus we are different in our own way and motivated by different things before taking a job find out whether the job on offer has the things that motivate your for example bonus, good salary, the opportunity for learning and development. If the job offers two or more of the things that motivate you it is the right job for you.


We all go to work because of the desire to satisfy our personal interests. Your job should be flexible enough to allow you to manage both your personal life and work thus before taking up a job one should consider the work-life balance offered by the job. If the post offers a flexible work-life balance then it’s the suitable job for you.

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