Good reasons to enrol in a postgraduate course 

Graduation, for many South African students, represents the final stage of their studies, an achievement to be celebrated with parties, trips abroad and material gifts of various kinds. In a society such as this, where the emphasis on people’s material wellbeing appears to be increasingly pronounced, young graduates allow themselves to be conditioned by the social weight attached to a degree, viewing it almost as the shortest route to a high social position and the many material privileges of wealthy people, often symbolized by Rolex watches. 


Many graduates soon discover that this belief had the consistency of a puff of smoke, and that the day-to-day reality of people with a degree, even a higher degree, is anything but simple. No one should expect to be able to start a life of comfort and ease right away just because they have earned a Bachelor’s degree, because achieving this kind of status often takes years, even decades, plus of course a good dose of luck and the individual’s ability to get into the good graces of the right people, at the right time and under the most favourable circumstances. 


Graduate doubts 


One of the doubts that grips many people after graduation has to do with what to do in the weeks and months immediately following the attainment of this coveted degree. Should one take a break for a few months, perhaps with a trip abroad or a group holiday in some exotic country? Or should we immediately throw ourselves headlong into the world of work? 


Both options have their pros and cons, so it is really difficult to give a definitive answer to this question. Each of us should always make our own choices by relying on our own feelings, without letting ourselves be excessively conditioned by the opinions and expectations of others, even if they are the people closest to us. A trip abroad is undoubtedly useful for anyone, at any time, not only after graduation. 


There are even those who believe that spending time walking around the airport can have a positive effect on our mood, so if you are looking for some relaxation after long months of study you should definitely opt for a trip. 


Those, on the other hand, who are motivated by the desire to measure themselves immediately with the challenges of work, without any hesitation in between, would have the advantage of securing a source of income in a short time, thus moving towards economic independence (if they don’t already have it) and a progressive familiarisation with the world of work, with LinkedIn virtual features, with which they will have to deal sooner or later in any case. Travelling, from this point of view, is often seen as an excuse to postpone the start of one’s job as long as possible, and is generally seen as a waste of time by all those who wish to start work immediately after graduation. 


Postgraduate courses 


A good compromise, in a certain sense, could be represented by enrolling in a Master’s or postgraduate course, even abroad, which would allow young graduates to have access to high-level training that will concretely prepare them for their future work, without too many theoretical frills. 


An experience of this kind, especially if it is lived abroad, will also allow students to enrich themselves from a human point of view, not only professionally, by sharing their spaces and their lessons with other people from all corners of the world, together with whom they will then be able to take their first steps in their field of reference. 


Between one study session and another, students can then devote themselves to their passions, their favourite pastimes, using them as useful allies for their pleasure breaks. A useful ally for anyone looking for a bit of fun, but also mental relaxation, is certainly the world of online gambling, which through its powerful virtual portals is able to offer formidable opportunities for fun for anyone, under any circumstances, even during work or study breaks.  


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Graduation is never the end of a journey. For many students it represents only the stage of a broader, very long path, which will probably never end. 


By Proff