Generations Lucy Diale Actress Accused Wrecking Her Baby Daddy’s Marriage

Generations Lucy Diale Actress

Generations Lucy Diale Actress Accused Wrecking Baby Daddy’s Marriage 

Generations actress Manaka Ranaka has been accused of snatching her baby daddy, Ntuthuko Mdletshe from his wife Bronwyn Zungu.

Manaka Ranaka is well known for her role on Generations as Lucy Diale.

Generations Lucy Diale Actress

The Generations actress and  Ntuthuko Mdletshe were recently blessed with a baby boy Seni Mdletshe on the 15th of December 2020.

Now Manaka Ranaka  is being accused of wrecking another woman’s marriage.

Ntuthuko Mdletshe is alleged to have  left his wife Bronwyn Zungu with their 3 kids for Manaka.

Ironically Manaka Ranaka  was once a fan of the couple.

She once commented on their intimate picture with a ‘favorite couple’ line.

Manaka Ranaka

Generations Lucy Diale Actress

Ntuthuko and Manaka are said to have started noticing each other around that time until he dumped ex-wife Bronwyn Zungu for the actress.

According to a source close to the Mdletshe couple, Ntuthuko & Bronwyn were happily married up until Manaka Ranaka arrived into the scene.

“She was cunning and tricky in her approach, she befriends the couple who become celebrity struck and let her in their lives, a few years down the line Ntuthu started being abusive towards his wife the rest is history. I can confirm that Bronwyn was deeply hurt but she has ever since moved on” the source. .


Manaka Ranaka husband

Manaka Ranaka once opened up about her relationship with Ntuthuko saying it’s not always been easy for them and they even broke up at some point.

“We’ve been through our rough patches, you know. We’ve even been through a break-up, believe it or not. The getting back together again was sweeter, man, it really was… No relationship is heaven, guys. Whoever told people that was lying.”

However the actress hasn’t commented on allegations that she wrecked another woman’s home.


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