Dr Mbali Durban Gen Actress Spotted Getting Cosy With Co-Star Dr Zulu

Dr Mbali Durban Gen Actress

Dr Mbali Durban Gen Actress Spotted Getting Cosy With Co-Star Dr Zulu

Durban Gen actress and singer Nelisiwe Sibiya and her co star Mike Mawandla were recently spotted hanging out together by the pool in Cape Town.

Neliswa who plays Dr Mbali on the hospital drama and Mike Mawandla who plays Dr Zulu, were spotted looking quite cosy and oblivious to the world around them.

Dr Mbali Durban Gen Actress

The pictures which were shared by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela have caused quite a stir on social media.

Fans are starting to wonder if there is more Between Neliswa and Mike or they’re just colleagues having a good time.

Dr Mbali Durban Gen Actress

Besides her perfect acting chops, Nelisiwe is also a singer and songwriter.

Nelisiwe Sibiya

To those not in the know, she is the voice behind the theme song of Mzansi’s award winning, female prison drama Lockdown.

She was discovered by actor and director by actor and director Mandla N.

She came up with the song after Mandla N, show producer, asked her what was the one thing that would send her to prison.

“I would go to jail if I could kill a man and it was in reference to that man who was abusing us growing up. I called it Mama ka Bafana instead of a specific boy name because I wanted it to refer to the male species.”

Neliswa remarked that she recorded the song just 2 days after she had lost her mom and had to draw strength from her memory.

“I had to come back to Joburg to record a song for the show but I was so down and out I didn’t want to do it. But my head switched on when I thought about how my mother would have wanted me to.”

Since then more opportunities have begun to open for the actress.


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