Career Guidance Related To Zimbabwean Economic Nature

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Career Guidance Related To Zimbabwean Economic Nature

Career Guidance Related Zimbabwean Economic Nature is now an essential step which students should go through. The present Zimbabwean economic nature is now different from the old nature.  Gone are the days when students will get employment so easy after completing school.

Long back grade 7s, ZJC , Ordinary Level and A Level students would easily got employed by different companies. The reality is that there are no-more companies that employs those type of students in current Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Economic is on its recovery at a slow pace so it needs all students to chose programs to do at colleges wisely. Less than 10 % of the population in Zimbabwe are formally employed and the rest are into informal sector. There are some programs which needs one to be luck or divine favor from God to get a job. But now most student keep on doing them and by doing that they will be wasting power, time and money and it will not be recovered.

iharare Jobs

Examples of collage programs that are not helping in Zimbabwean Environment

  1. Local Governance studies
  2. International relations
  3. Sociology
  4. Philosophy
  5. History
  6. Industrial Relations
  7. Hotel and Hospitality

Many student get stuck when looking for attachment for these programs and what more if they are looking for a permanent job ?. The Zimbabwean industry is not going well so it needs one to be very careful when choosing a career to follow. It needs one to be in his/her sober mind not to be pressured to do follow a certain path.

It is of paramount importance for children and parents to consult before they make a mistake of following a wrong path.

Examples of programs that suits Zimbabwean Economic Environment

All programs that include or that gives a room for Entrepreneurship, because there are no jobs in Zimbabwe. People need to be very innovative and entrepreneurial and start things of their on. Or they have to chose hands-on programs.

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