4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working For An NGO

Many people consider the kinds of businesses they wish to work with while deciding on a career. Others think of pursuing careers in the public sector, including teaching or working for the government. But if you’re trying to decide which career path is best for you, take a look at a third possibility which is the NGO industry. Working for a non-governmental organization (NGO) may be the best choice for you for a variety of reasons.

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Earn Good Money

Although most people work for NGOs because they want a meaningful career and a job that helps others, don’t forget another reason to work in the non-profit sector is that you can actually earn good money.

Although you’ll never become fabulously wealthy working for an NGO, the non-profit sector does generally pay fairly. This means that you will likely earn a decent wage when working for an NGO. As you rise up your career in the NGO sector you will earn progressively more. Senior roles within NGOs can earn large salaries, especially for the bigger organizations in the sector.

As we’ve said, you shouldn’t work for an NGO if becoming a millionaire is your life goal, but the fact that you can earn a good salary and then get paid quite substantially as you rise in your career is a big reason not to discard working for an NGO. 

Build A Career

The NGO sector is huge. With organizations working in many different areas and all over the world, there are a huge range of opportunities for those with the skills the sector needs. Many people who work for NGOs spend most of their career in the sector moving between different non-profit organizations and rising up the career ladder.

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It is definitely possible to move from the private or public sector into non-profit work. Many people take the skills they’ve learned in other industries and apply them to their work with NGOs.

If you are looking to build a rewarding career over many years, considers working for an NGO.

Work With Specialism

Another good reason why you should consider working for an NGO is that you can dedicate your career to a specialism.

NGO’s do a wide range of work and need staff trained in different technical areas. From running medical programmes to livelihoods support, from water and sanitation provision to infant and young child feeding programmes.

NGO’s need staff that can work on specialist projects and have the skills and knowledge needed to run them effectively.

Having an area of work that you are qualified and have experience in, can be the key to a successful career. Working for NGOs gives you a chance to explore different areas of work and build a specialism within a technical area.

Work For Prestigious Organizations

Many NGOs are famous organizations with rich history. Being able to work for a renowned organization is another reason to join the NGO sector.

Some NGOs have been around for decades. They are well-known for the good work they do and are highly supported by the public. Working for an NGO can be considered a prestigious career, especially if you work for organizations famous in your country.

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It can be great working for an NGO as people often respect the organization and the work it does. If you would like to work for a famous brand that people recognize, consider working for a large non-profit.

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