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Software Engineer

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Econet's Cassava Zimbabwe

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Description :

Job Purpose

Cassava Smartech is looking for qualified and competent Software Engineers. The major responsibility of the role is to analyse, design, develop, implement, maintain and support applications systems for all the Cassava Smartech businesses.

Qualifications and Experience

• A Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Computer Science or equivalent.
• A relevant vocational certification, in programming (Java), Oracle databases, SQL will be an added advantage.
• 4-6 years’ work experience in a related environment;
• Must have a sound knowledge of mobile money, VAS technology, payment services and platforms.

Key Result Areas

• Develops and writes quality code to satisfy requirements set in solution architecture documents.
• Gathers requirements from relevant departments and third party integrators
• Develops systems/software according to standards, policies and system requirements
• Tests to ensure developed systems/software adhere to specifications
• Ensures systems deployments adhere to deployment and operational policies in place.
• Develops integration strategies between key systems conforming to software development best practises and latest technologies.
• Establishes a secure integration infrastructure to protect sensitive business information.
• Evaluates integration infrastructure to keep in line with the rapid changes in technology and security threats
• Develops individual plans based upon weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly sectional plans
• Engages relevant departments as to the feasibility of a project
• Ensures policies are adequately communicated to all application users and section members
• Implements policies to reflect environmental changes
• Documents all policies and methodologies using the software development cycle
• Analyses problems encountered during system use
• Proposes solutions to address challenges raised by system users
• Develops patches to fix malfunctions
• Deploys fixes to affected software platforms


How to apply

Please Click Here

Closing date: 2019/01/31

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